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An Alternative for a Cheap Poker Chip Set

Here are some super practical, super inexpensive ways of having a cheap poker chip set that could even be the envy of friends. It could even be deemed ingenious.

A cheap poker chip set could be of very practicable materials---one readily available around. For instance, why not collect pennies, gloss them over, and use them for poker chips? Shiny pennies are perfect as bet markers or chips and include them in our cheap poker chip set. We can value a penny as a quarter or a dollar. So, for instance, five pennies is equal to 5 dollars, and so on.

And pennies are of sturdy materials that do not easily bend or crack or fade, unlike expensive special plastic poker chips that eventually break through wear and tear. Try hammering a penny and see what gets deformed---one's thumb or the penny. Pennies are a durable component of a cheap poker chip set.

Pennies are just lying idly around in most homes and often a lot of people (kids and adults) collect them in bottles or jars---plenty of ready supplies for our cheap poker chip set. Other coins are not that idle, like a quarter. And pennies clink much better and more realistically than plastic poker chips. Just imagine what a pot full of shiny pennies would look like. Well, a cheap poker chip set with shiny, glossy pennies may become too interesting for tots (and adult collectors) that we might suddenly find one morning that they're all gone. Then we might change out minds and settle for plastics.

Cheap poker chip set sell at less than $5 per 50 plastic chips. They often come in 4 colors---white, blue, red, and yellow. But they are not as delightful to the feel of the finger tips as pennies are, and they sound like kids' stuff when thrown on the poker table or in the pot. No dignified sound unlike a real metal coin. Plastic chips in a cheap poker chip set kind of detract from the prestige that poker has earned through the centuries of history. Remember that poker was even played by royalty in its ancient forms.

Now clay poker chips are good. They have the gloss and weight, and engraving and clink that are worthy of Las Vegas high-class casinos. Yet, they do not constitute a cheap poker chip set. So, what else should we do to have good quality yet a cheap poker chip set? Save pennies.