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Try the Fascinating Seven Card Stud Variants Partridge and Pendulum

A distinct, exciting and enjoyable kind of poker, seven card stud poker is available in many casinos in the world because most poker player look for this fascinating card game. Even if Texas Holdem and Omaha Poker are more popular than seven card stud, many players still like this seven card stud since it is more thrilling and attractive. The presence of exposed cards or faced up cards in seven card stud makes the game more enticing to casino gamblers for they can practice and showcase their card reading skills in this game.

Like classic poker, seven card stud poker has various kinds including Partridge and Pendulum. These variations have special features and attractions. These games have some modifications in seven card stud which affect their attractiveness to players. For those who want to experience the thrill in playing card game, they must try Partridge and Pendulum.

Wild Cards in Partridge

Wild cards are main features and attractions of Partridge. To know the partridge or the wild card, the dealer deals faced up cards to players. If a pair appears in the faced up cards, the succeeding card that the dealer gets from the deck acts as the wild card. All cards that share the same rank with the partridge are also considered as wild cards.

The dealer can replace the partridge if a pair appears again at exposed cards and the next card that the dealer gets from the deck is the new partridge. At the final round of the game, the dealer deals exposed cards. To avoid replacement of the partridge, players can request the dealer to deal them unexposed cards. However, they need to pay a particular amount before the dealer honor their request.

The Rules in Pendulum

The mechanics of Pendulum are more complicated than Partridge, but the game is more thrilling. After players place forced bets, the dealer deals three unexposed cards to players and then four sets of faced down cards at the center of the table. The sets of cards at the center of the table are arranged in this order; one card for set one, two cards for set two and three cards for set three and two cards for set four.

Afterwards, the dealer opens one card at each stack, then the initial betting round happens. This format continues until all the dealer reveals all the cards at the center of the table. After the final betting round, the player with the best hand wins the pot.

Playing Partridge and Pendulum is exciting and memorable. To win in these games, it is necessary that players have ideas on effective poker strategies like card reading. In this way, they can predict the other cards left in the deck and thus, strengthen their chance of winning.