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Enjoy Enticing Poker Variations: Play Jackpot Poker and Kansas Tornado

One of the most inviting, amusing and enthralling casino table games, poker is famous to many gamblers because it is very strategic as well as challenging. To individuals who have interest in improving their odds in poker, they should try to explore other exciting and amazing variations of the game. Some online casinos offer exciting poker variations that gamblers should try like Jackpot Poker and King's Pot.

Jackpot Poker and Kansas Tornado has unique features and elements that make them more enjoyable to play. Aside from their distinct characteristics, Jackpot Poker and Kansas Tornado also offer big opportunities to players who want to take home big amount of money. Hence, to those who want to enjoy these games at the most, let us take a peep at their basic game plays.

The Basic Game Play of Jackpot Poker

Players need to make antes before the game starts. The dealer deals five cards to every player in the table. After taking a peek at their cards, players have the chance to replace their bad cards with the cards that remain at the deck. The drawing of new cards continues until one player gets a strong hand and makes a bet. Other players can fold, call or raise. After the betting round, players present their hands. The individual with the best hand jams the whole pot. To make the game more exciting, players can use twos as wild cards in Jackpot Poker.

How to Play Kansas Tornado

Also popular to some poker players as Texas Tornado, Kansas Tornado has the same betting structure with Texas Holdem. Every player in the table receives two hole cards, followed by a betting round. The dealer gets ten cards from the deck and drops the cards following a twisting motion.

Players can use cards that are faced up or exposed to create the best possible hand. Another betting round follows. After the second betting round, players proceed with the showdown and the one with the most dominant hand takes the pot.

Jackpot Poker and Kansas Tornado are both exciting, enticing and enthralling to play. Luck plays a pivotal role to the success of players and gamblers who want to try these games. Along with luck, it is also necessary that players employ some effective and strong poker strategies to have advantages over other gamblers. Among all, players should always remember to manage their bankroll well to avoid losing great stakes in these poker variations.