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Let Us Play Poker the Caribbean Way

Poker has become a part of our lifestyles. In fact, just look around, we see and we hear everything about poker. Just turn on the TV and you will see what we are talking about. Furthermore, poker is not only America's national card game but has reached in international status. Poker is famous in Mexico, France, Monacco, Russia and even in the Philippines.

For now let us visit the Caribbean and learn a new type of poker - the Carribean Stud Poker. To win this kind of poker variant all we need to do is to simply wage a bet. Unlike other poker games such as Texas Holdem, we are pressured by the aggression or bluffing of other players. Furthermore, there is no pressure of placing bet round after round especially if we doubt our hand (the cards) that it could beat off the dealer's.

The mechanics of Carribean Stud Poker is simple. We approach the dealer and exchange our money for chips. Sit down and place an ante. In poker terms, ante simply our initial bet. Usually the minimum bet for Carribean Stud Poker is $ 5 and the maximum is $ 100. The dealer will then distribute cards alternately. All of our cards are dealt faced down. On the other hand, the dealer has one faced up card and the remaining four faced down.

Carribean Stud Poker offers only two options for us: bet and surrender. When we surrender, obviously we lose all the chips we wagered before. Now when we bet, or continue the game; there are two things that must satisfy in order to win the Carribean Stud Poker pot. First, we must outrank the dealer's hand. Second, in case both (our hand and that of the dealer's) are high card or no pair, then our hand you should satisfy a so-called qualifier. Like for example, Jacks or better will be only paid off in scenario both hands have no pair and the dealer has no jack, queen, king or an ace.

Let us look into Carribean Stud Poker payout schedule. A high card or a one pair will pay our initial bet or has a 1:1 ratio. Two pair will pay us 2:1. Three of a kind will give us 3:1 payout. It is followed by a Straight, Flush and Full House, which give us 4:1, 5:1 and 6:1 payout respectively. If we get a Four of a Kind then our bet will be paid 20x (20:1). A straight flush will yield a 50:1 payout ratio. Finally, if by God's grace we get a Royal Flush, perhaps that is enough to purchase an island in the Caribbean, because the payoff is 200:1 !

Again let us remind you, that different casinos have different Carribean Stud Poker rules and payoffs so it is highly advisable to read and understand these specific rules. But most important is to enjoy Caribbean Stud Poker